Searching for happiness

I heard this from Tim Keller this morning on the way to work… Seek happiness, before righteousness and you’ll get neither. Seek righteousness before happiness and you’ll find both. This echo’s Matthew’s words, “Seek first God’s righteousness, and all these things WILL be added to you.” (Matt 6:33)

Why is it this way? Because we’re created for relationship with God. Colossians says that We were created By Him, for Him. Anything we pursue outside of Christ to find happiness in, only leads to a let down…

True happiness is seeking God regardless of how we may currently feel. When we seek God’s holiness before seeking our happiness, we will always find true happiness in the search. It’s never the other way around. Just a thought.

What are the things you are seeking happiness in? Can you already sense the dissapointment of those things letting you down? Stop the search. Look to Christ.

If you’d like to hear Keller’s message entitled, “The search for happiness“, you can catch it here.

Its well worth the listen.


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